Saturday, February 2, 2008
Ai'sya With Her New Helmet
Her Nanny bought her a new helmet for 'londa-londaaaa'( (ronda-ronda)..2 days ago...wahhhhhhhhhhh I can see she's so happy riding our motorbike wearing her new helmet.. and keep saying "topi aicah cantiikkkk.." and keep smiling all the way of londa-londa.. while abg ngah (aqin) was sitting behind of me..what a pleasure evening i'd have with these kids..

So Abah, this pictures i took for you.. don't jealous-jealous arrr... Ai'sya is waiting for you to come home and bring her to 'londa-londa' okay... and not Ai'sya the one who is waiting for u.. but myself too... miss u abah..
(waaahhhhh so tunggang terbalik my english huh?!! my english cannot beat your english la abah... well your english is always better than me..kahkahkahhh)

Sesi fotografi ni selepas bawa ai'sya ronda...punya nak ronda sampai seluar pon tak mo pakai... seluar dia kena ayaq.. dia bukak sluaq terus panjat motor... pastu dok posing-posing lak suruh ibu ambik gambar dia yg kononnya cantik tu... tapi anak ibu mmg cantik kan...hahahhaaa..
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